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Molded Case Circuit Breaekr
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Molded Case Circuit Breaekr

Product Introduction
Product Features
 Feature [30~225AF] 
 1) It is compatible due to the same, standard size.
  - Main size is standardized.
  - The sizes of economic type, standard type and high-interruption type 225AF are all same.
 2) It is easy and convenient to mount and replace the auxiliaries.
  - It is easy to install various auxiliaries.
  - An auxiliary cover can be opened and closed which enables the users to easily install the auxiliaries.
Feature [400~800AF]
 1) It promoted practicality by obtaining international standard certificates.
  - CE-Marking based on IEC certificate test and CB Report certificate.
  - ISO9001 certificate/ ISO14001 certificate
2) It ensure safety by applying insulating materials and convenience by adopting an elegant exterior design.
  - The front part and operating part of product are molded using the insulating material to improve the safety of operators and enhance the operation cycle and functions of the product.
  - It provides the users with convenience by softening the sharp corners of the product and applying the elegant exterior design.
  - A terminal cover and a base material are installed up to 800AF type considering the safety and exterior design of the product at the same time.