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Special engineering service

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    In aerospace, since VITZROTECH developed the manufacture technology of liquid-propellant rocket engine for the first time in korea, the company has possessed unique technology of detail design and manufacture field.
    Especially, VITZROTECH has designed and manufactured main sub systems of launch vehicle such as liquid-propellant rocket engine burner, high-pressure turbo pump, gas generator and ultra-low-temperature, high-pressure piping system in Korean type launch vehicle development project of Korea Aerospace Research Institute, its technology with regard to material, design and manufacture has been admitted.
    In liquid-propellant rocket engine field, since VITZROTECH participated in the launching of the first Korean liquid-propellant rocket engine, KSR-Ⅲ, and 100kg class low-earth orbit launch vehicle, NARO(KSLV-Ⅰ), the company has made an effort to develop Korean type launch vehicle, which will be launched through pure domestic technology in 2020.
    In addition, the company has possessed the technology with regard to sintering and joining of high-temperature, high-strength material like tungsten and has participated in the pilot study of cascade burning cycle liquid-propellant rocket engine continuously.
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    In plasma, VITZROTECH possesses the best technology and know-how in Korea over plasma system design/manufacture/diagnosis/measurement/operation technology, etc, on the basis of high(large-scaled) power device infra, government support and own R&D activity.
    VITZROTECH has constructed plasma system, gas performed waste disposal and application device business by applying the technology and has researched and developed high pure plasma system for coal gasification and ultra-high-temperature, thermal protection material manufacture. In addition, the company has participated in the project of next-generation energy field, IGCC(Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) and KSTAR(Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research).
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    Physical acceleration
    In physical acceleration, VITZROTECH is the company specialized in the manufacture of the best accelerator in Korea. Especially, the company possesses the best technology in Korea with regard to linear accelerator field. The company has the management system from material to design, manufacture, installation and service area. On the basis of them, VITZROTECH is trying to firm its top position as the specialized accelerator manufacturer by participating in domestic accelerator(proton accelerator, heavy ion accelerator and proton accelerator) manufacture and overseas market.
    In addition, VITZROTECH participated in KSTAR(Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research) project and performed the manufacture of Plasma Facing Component that protects Tokamak from ultra-high-temperature plasma successfully. The company is trying to leap into the company specialized in nuclear fusion generation on the basis of the experiences.
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